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Bruschetta Herbal Blend

The Bruschetta Herbal Blend is the absolute best spice of all kind! You may use it in just about everything; spread it on top of anything or juse it in a pot, sauce etc as an extra flavor!

Saok the herbs in hot water, allowing them to swell and then open up the flavours. By adding oliveoil you will make a creamy herb mix.

This can be used in variety of ways

  • a dip sauce for breadsticks 
  • to flavor stews and sauces
  • a flavouring in minced meat for meatballs, patties etc
  • as a spread on roasted bread (crostini)
  • with mozarella and fresh minced tomatoes as a cocktailsnack
  • as a spread for pizza base with tomato sauce
  • seasoning for oven-baked fish, chicken, vegetables or meat
  • a seasoning in egg yolk for pies and omelettes
  • give some extra flavor to your soup

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