Kaffe Lindbacka Blend 340gr


Ljus/mellanrost blandning, hela bönor.

A great and smooth Blend that is also a bit fruity. Works very good in all situations. Roasted very careful as a medium roast towards a lighter medium that you might be use to. This is a round and smooth coffee that intend to fit after lunch, dinner, afternoon coffee, morning coffee, yes everything. But still it’s a coffee that doesn’t taste “ordinary” but bring something extra to the table sort of speak.

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Most of the blend koncist of a MEXICO bean from Oaxaca and the region Ozolotepec. CozoCoffe work with the cooperative UNTAO who process coffee from smallholder farmers. The two lots CozoCoffe imported last year from Oaxaca are from the region of Ozolotepec. We don’t have farm specific information, as the coffee comes from many small farms and are combined into lots depending on quality and cup profiles.

Ljus/mellanrost blandning, hela bönor.